Go Beyond Stereotypes.


Apple premium reseller and authorized service provider, Beyond the Box, believes in helping usersexpand their skills and capabilities through the use of their premium gadgets.

The versatility of Apple products extend beyond their use for work or study, and allows users to pursue other passions and interests as well. To demonstrate this concept, Apple and Beyond the Box has partnered to bring technology closer to its users through a series of inspiring and informative talks called Box Talks.

The Box Talks series invites inspiring individuals from various creative fields to share their stories of achievement and overcoming difficulties in their work or profession. They also talk about how their gadgets enable them to do more while engaging in several pursuits. The session also includes an in-store presentation by Beyond the Box staff who will present the latest news and developments with Apple and demonstrate the best ways to maximize their Apple devices’ new features.

This year, as part of Beyond the Box’s “Going Beyond the Box” campaign features a distinguished roster of Box Talks speakers:

Aya Fernandez will share “How Passion Projects can Create Waves of Change.” As a student leader, beauty queen, PWD and environmental advocate, and CEO of a social enterprise, Aya will talk about how she juggles all her roles and responsibilities as she strives to accomplish her vision for herself and her community.

Sid Maderazo will talk about “Learning from Work and Passion.” As a TV commercial director, motorcycle enthusiast, and triathlete, Sid is a believer of not being stagnant, and in doing your best at what you are good at. He shares how he is able to transition smoothly from work to play in his daily life.

Tokwa Penaflorida will discuss “Creating Digital Masterpieces.” A painter and illustrator, Tokwa is also a professor at a premier digital arts college. He shares tips based on his experiences in developing creativity, establishing your own brand and style, and earning from your craft as a freelance visual artist.

Watch out for Going Beyond the Box campaign’s Box Talk series, coming soon! To join, visit the Box Talks sign-up page to get updates on upcoming events. For more information, go to beyondthebox.ph or like @beyondthebox.ph on Facebook.