You’ll never have to wait for more than an hour to get that full battery charge on your iPhone. Get that power in your hands with the USB-Power Delivery.

The battery of our iPhone drains faster the minute we constantly use it for calling, browsing, and especially gaming. And with us always on the go, we need our mobile phones to have juice at all times. Enter the USB-Power Delivery a.k.a. PD, the latest charging technology that we need in our lives. 

Power Delivery in a Nutshell

USB-Power Delivery is the most recent charging technology that lets you charge your iPhone’s battery up to 4x faster than normal charging outlets. Power delivery is available in wall chargers, powerbanks, and car chargers. If you have an iPhone 8 to the latest, those units are already PD compatible and your aim is to take advantage of that charging speed feature. 

How can USB-PD charge your iPhone faster?

Chargers with a USB 2.0 port, provides power up to 500mA, while the USB 3.0 supplies 900mA, making the latter charge your phone faster. But chargers and powerbanks with PD capability can supply up to 5A maximum current giving you high-speed charging of your iPhone and PD compatible gadgets. If your iPhone is PD compatible, you need a USB-C to lighting cable and USB-C PD-enabled wall or car charger. 

What are the benefits of using Power Delivery?

High-speed charging is undeniably the number one advantage of USB-PD. No more waiting for more than an hour to fully charge your iPhone and should you need a quick battery charge, 5 to 10 minutes with a USB-PD would do the trick. The chances of your phone getting damaged due to overcharging would be less since USB-PD has the capability of providing only the necessary power that your iPhone needs. The USB-PD-enabled chargers have been designed to handle strong levels of power with a minimum possibility of overheating. Since charging would be a breeze, there would be conserving electricity.  

In summary

USB-PD is very convenient and highly recommended. Its fast-charging feature would be beneficial for you in times that you’d be needing that juice quickly for your iPhone. No more carrying of different chargers for your phone and other PD compatible devices. It’s definitely worth checking and considering given that technology is developing really fast. 

Choosing the best USB-PD charger for your phone

If you’re ready to take that big, powerful step to PD? Here are a few USB-PD wall chargers that you’d want to consider. If you only require a USB PD wall charger with just one port, check out the Apple USB-C or the Momax One Plug adapter. Should you have more than one PD compatible gadget and will be needing an adapter that has more than one port, there are the Momax One Plug 2 or 4 port adapters. There’s also the Momax Q. Power Plug with both Wireless and wall charging features that you can take into consideration when getting this new-age charging capability. All these Power Delivery capable chargers, as well as Type-C to lightning cables, are conveniently available at any Beyond the Box stores or you can order it online at Beyond the Box’s Lazada Flagship store.