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    Download instacash app by clicking here, enter device details, and complete diagnostics.
    Seal the deal!


    Schedule pick-up with our trade-in partner, CompAsia, to collect your device.
    *Currently available within Metro Manila


    Receive your digital discount voucher within a few days and redeem instantly at Beyond the Box website.

    Download InstaCash App

    Download InstaCash App here and run the diagnostic tests.

    Complete the Device Diagnostic Process

    Run and complete device diagnostics and declare physical condition of the device.

    Enter your details – name, contact number, and email address.          

    Once confirmed, InstaCash will contact you and collect the device from your desired address within 24 hours.

    Get the code

    You will receive the “Coupon Code" from us via email within 2 working days, after the trade-in process is completed.

    Use the code

    Use the Coupon to shop in Beyond the Box website! Just simply input the coupon code before checking out your order.

    Enjoy your Discount!

    Grab the best deal on your old smartphone in exchange of any items sold at Beyond the Box website.


    • Where can I download Instacash?

      InstaCash is available on both AppStore & Google PlayStore. You can click this link to download the app.

    • How many phones can I trade-in?

      There is no limit. You can trade-in your gadgets as many as you want.

    • What are the requirements for InstaCash trade-in?

      - Select smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches are accepted for InstaCash trade-in.
      - You must be the legal owner of the trade-in device.
      - Your trade-in device must not be tied to any existing contract with Telcos.
      - The phone must not be network and IMEI blocked, reported as stolen or counterfeit.
      - InstaCash only accepts devices that are unlocked from iCloud and
      Google accounts.

    • Can I trade-in a defective device on InstaCash?

      Yes, defective devices are accepted as long as you are able to install InstaCash and complete the diagnostic process. Price quotation would differ depending on the defects of your device.

    • Can I trade-in devices that cannot be switched on?

      Please contact CompAsia’s customer service for assistance and a quotation at 0945-7391442 or 0969-0133391.

    • What if my trade-in device is not listed in the InstaCash app?

      For unlisted devices, you may also contact CompAsia’s customer service for inquiries at 0945-7391442 or 0969-0133391

    • What if I prefer to trade-in my device face-to-face instead of online?

      Yes, you can.
      You may visit any of the following Beyond the Box stores.

      - Century City Mall
      - Uptown Mall
      - Galleria
      - V-Mall
      - Robinson’s Ermita

    • Is the quoted trade-in value confirmed?

      CompAsia aims to provide an accurate trade-in value based on the diagnostic results and declaration of device conditions through InstaCash App. Their courier shall then verify the device condition at the point of pick-up and provide you with finalised trade-in value. In case of any changes in the price offer, you may choose to continue the trade-in transaction or to cancel.

    • How to use the “InstaCash” App?

      - Login the “InstaCash” App using your phone number or email address.
      - Click on “Start Trade-in” to diagnose your device.
      - Complete a series of tests to access the functionalities of your device.

    • Who do I contact if I have any questions?

      For trade-in transactions, please contact CompAsia’s customer service at 0945-7391442 or 0969-0133391.

      For voucher issuance and redemption, please contact us through the chat icon below or e-mail us at

    • Do you have any other requirements before trading in my device with InstaCash?

      CompAsia will need to snap a picture of your IC / license to protect InstaCash against potential stolen devices or blacklisted devices.

    • What happens to the data on my traded-in devices?

      Your device will undergo a Data Erasure process (complies with International Standard DoD 5220.22-M) to ensure all data is permanently deleted and unrecoverable.

    • What happens to my traded-in device?

      Your traded-in device will be refurbished, recycled, and resold.

    • How do I cancel an order on InstaCash?

      To cancel your order, email us at or email InstaCash support directly at

    • When will my discount voucher expire?

      Your voucher will expire after a month from the date you received it.

    InstaCash is available on both AppStore & Google PlayStore. You can click this link to download the app.